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Falling In Love. This sculpture is made from solid oak and sits beautifully on a solid oak plinth. The driftwood came from Bantham South Devon. I wanted to encapsulate the sheer Helplessness, defenselessness and excitement of falling in love. The butterflies in the stomach, the total distraction from anything else in your surroundings and overwhelming anguish of not knowing what the future holds. That's why I chose the pose that I did for the figure too, I don’t know why the saying falling in love its called ‘falling’ in love but I’m guessing because falling feels very much like love. The fact that the figure is falling backwards makes her even more vulnerable which along with the other adjectives i’ve mentioned, in my experience is exactly how falling in love feels. This piece isn't as detailed as some of my pieces because I wanted it to look almost ethereal like a feeling rather than an in focus physical subject.

75cm x 35cm x 35cm 

Falling In Love - Sculpture - Driftwood

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