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All of my sculptures are one of a kind and totally unique. This handmade Lion Wall Hanging/Standing Sculpture is made from Devonshire Driftwood, hand collected, treated and sculpted. This piece is made from one large piece of driftwood. The product is finished with mineral oil and has a hanging fitting. The white of the lion has been whitewashed with eco-friendly paint and the dark detail is burnt on but the rest of the coloring is natural. In an effort to be as eco friendly as possible all of my packaging is recycled and repurposed. All of my sculptures can live happily inside or outside of the house and are built to last.The rear of the lion has been left with the natural contours and the bark of the original tree trunk. This is a truly one of a kind piece. Please don't hesitate to contact me if there is a personal commission you would like me to make for you. Any size and any subject is possible. 

85 x 90 x 35cm

Roaring driftwood Lion Sculpture

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