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You will be charged between £5-£30 for shipping upon the purchase of your art piece. This is a charge to cover materials for shipment, and the rest of the shipping cost is included in the cost of the art piece. You will not be invoiced for shipping cost after your purchase. All originals are packed with the upmost care and safety precautions. I wrap each original in paper (then add a Zen Wood Design sticker, of course), then it's filled with plenty of eco friendly wood shavings on either side of the wrapped item to protect it from anything around it. I then wrap the entire piece with bubble wrap (please recycle it), we haven't found a more effective eco friendly packing yet. Its then packed in an art-sized box to allow no shaking during shipment. Any original item over £250 has shipping insurance purchased on it by me, incase of the event that it is damaged by the postage system. This method has proven itself very safe and effective! For more information on shipping please contact me. 


  • Refunds or exchanges on items (prints OR originals) unless item is damaged in shipping. (must show proof of damage)* (special circumstances may allow for different return or exchange policies- these must be discussed with Brendan personally before purchasing)

  • Deposit on commissions is non-refundable and can be used towards another product of mine if commission painting is cancelled.

  • The artist reserves the right to use and sell reproductions of sold work to promote his work. All reproduction rights are retained by the artist himself. Any purchased artwork may not be reproduced by any process without proof of permission of Brendan himself.


Want to know more about our Store Policy:

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